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Graham E. Budd

Professor in Palaeobiology
Department of Earth Sciences
Villavägen 16
SE-752 36 Uppsala

Phone: + 46 18 471 27 62
Fax: + 46 18 471 27 49
e-mail: graham.budd@pal.uu.se

Research interests

Origins and evolution of complex animals, with particular reference to the arthropods

My principal research interests revolve around the so-called 'Cambrian explosion' of some 545 million years ago.

They include

● The Sirius Passet fauna - an exceptionally preserved Early Cambrian fauna from North Greenland.

● The origin and early evolution of the arthropods - work largely based on the study of exceptionally preserved Cambrian material.

● Head segmentation in fossil and recent arthropods.

● The origin of the phyla: an integrated approach combining evidence from fossils, trace fossils and functional morphology.

● The evolution of functional morphology - the study of how complex body plan systems of animals arise and subsequently evolve. This work is focused at the moment on the evolution of muscle in lobopods and arthropods.

● The theory of the evolution of development - how has the genetic basis for morphology evolved, and can it be reconciled with the fossil record and Neodarwinian models for microevolutionary change?


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