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Benjamin Kear

Assistant Professor (Forskarassistent)
Department of Earth Sciences
Villavägen 16
SE-752 36 Uppsala

Phone: +46-18-471 27 38
Fax:    +46-18-471 27 49


Research interests

Macroevolution of Mesozoic and Cenozoic vertebrates, particularly Gondwanan Cretaceous assemblages and Australasian Neogene mammals

Current projects:
  • Cretaceous high-latitude biotas − examining climatic influences on biodiversity change near the Cretaceous southern pole including adaptational responses, faunal turnover and the origins of modern lineages.
  • Gondwanan Mesozoic marine vertebrates − exploring the evolution and palaeobiogeography of marine reptiles and fishes from the Gondwanan continents with an emphasis on exceptionally preserved lagerstätte from Australia and assemblages in the Middle East.
  • Evolution of Australian-New Guinean mammals − incorporating molecular data and fossils to unravel the phylogenetic relationships and early radiation of Australasian marsupials, together with the development of key adaptations in iconic groups such as kangaroos, bandicoots and dasyuromorphs.
  • Cenozoic herpetofaunas in the Aegean region − focusing on the rich record of fossil turtles from Greece, and especially gigantic tortoises, to understand the evolutionary and environmental drivers of maximal body size in reptiles.
List of publications

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